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The Titanium Software Respiratory Questionnaire is a physician designed system that allows employers to easily provide both current and potential employees the ability to receive clearance to wear respirator equipment. Titanium achieves this by providing an electronically signed document from a certified physician in response to the individual answering the OSHA mandated eligibility questionnaire.


Titanium’s online system allows the employer to distribute questionnaires to individuals to be completed and submitted immediately. The records of the completed questionnaires are then retained via an electronically signed document that provides immediate feedback on an individual’s clearance status. Our system allows employers to more easily distribute and employees to instantaneously complete questionnaires.

  1. Cloud storage of compliance letters with 24/7 access
  2. Allows employers to evaluate post-offer pre-placement employees
  3. Ability for employee to print questionnaire once completed
  4. Compatible with mobile devices, including tablets and phones
  5. Provides instant compliance with accompanying compliance letter
  6. Ability to be taken anywhere with internet connection, 24/7
  7. Distribute questionnaires instantly
  8. Monitor employee progress of completing questionnaire
  9. Proof of OSHA compliance in the event of an audit
  10. Time saver for both employer and employee
  11. Cost-effective
  12. Signed by an occupational medicine physician
  13. Most compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox